After decades of ever increasing vehicle-wildlife collisions on Warm Springs Avenue and State Highway 21, Idaho had a chance to do something about it.

Photo of underpass

An underpass to allow wildlife to travel under the road and out of the path of vehicles was completed in October 2010.  Cameras located underneath the bridge have photographed deer, elk and other wildlife using the underpass.

Group of Deer Night Deer

An eight foot tall wildlife fence stretching from the underpass on both sides of the road is essential to funnel migrating deer and elk off the road and to the underpass.  So far the west side fence is completed but only a small portion of the east side fence is done.  Funds are still needed to finish the fence.

This winter Idaho Department of Transportation left gaps in the west side fence to allow deer and elk crossing over the highway to move through and off the road.

fenceThe Idaho Department of Transportation was able to build this road safety project with federal stimulus dollar.  Once the project is finished with the fence built on both sides of the road, an estimated 80% of the deer and elk currently crossing this section of Hwy 21 will move under the road instead of over it.

We encourage motorists to continue to be aware and drive defensively to avoid wildlife on Idaho’s roads.

– Boise River Wildlife Linkage Partnership