Contact Information

Idaho Department of Transportation
D3 Environmental Section
8150 Chinden Boulevard
Boise, ID  83714-1367
Contact:  Scott Rudel, 208-334-8300,
              Greg Vitley, 208-334-8300,

Idaho Department of Fish and Game
Boise River Wildlife Management Area
13000 E. Highway 21
Boise, Idaho  83716
Contact:  Ed Bottum, Regional Wildlife Biologist, 208-334-2115,

City of Boise
Foothills Learning Center
1104 Royal Boulevard
Boise, ID  83706-2898
Contact:  Julia Grant, Foothills and Open Space Manager, 208-493-2533,

Ada County
Barber Park
4049 Eckert Road
Boise 83716
Contact:  John Caywood, Open Space and Trails Coordinator, 208-577-4580,

Rocky Mountain Elk Foundation
10127 W. Whitecrest St.
Star, ID  83669
Contact:  Dave Torrell, 208-286-7689,

Boise County Commission
Miner’s Exchange Building,
420 Main Street
Idaho City, ID
Contact:  Jamie Anderson, Boise County Commissioner,