The Partnership

Boise River Wildlife Linkage Partnership

Like any successful community effort, the Boise River Wildlife Linkage Partnership (BRWLP) began as a collection of individuals who shared a common concern.

The upward trend of vehicle-wildlife collisions on Hwy 21 brought people together from many different professions and backgrounds, often without much understanding of each other’s disciplines or knowledge. In this context, separate concerns about open space, highway safety, habitat fragmentation and migration corridors were refocused on the question, “Is there a better way to protect people and protect wildlife along Hwy 21?”

Elk and Car

Photo Credit: Scott Rudel

As they pursued answers, this ad-hoc working group brought a wide range of expertise and resources to bear on this problem.  For three years they solidified research, shared data, carried out small projects and laid the groundwork for something bigger.

The unexpected opportunity of federal stimulus funds brought that bigger project into focus. The group zeroed in on constructing a wildlife bridge-underpass on Hwy 21. After working through the process of proposals, reviews and stiff competition, an initial $550,000 was awarded to build the bridge-underpass.

The wildlife bridge-underpass is a huge step in protecting people and wildlife in the Hwy 21 corridor, but more remains to be done.  The group is developing a master plan to map additional safety and connectivity priorities for Warm Springs Avenue, Barber Pool Conservation Area, Boise River Wildlife Management Area and Highway 21.

Tally Sign

Photo Credit: Vicky Osborn

Idaho Department of Transportation (D3)
Idaho Department of Fish and Game
City of Boise
Ada County
Ada County Highway District
Boise County
Boise National Forest
US Corps of Engineers
Bureau of Land Management
Rocky Mountain Elk Foundation

Strong Supporters:
Harris Ranch
The Nature Conservancy
Mule Deer Foundation
Idaho Fish and Wildlife Foundation
Idaho Conservation League
Land Trust of the Treasure Valley
Deer Hunters of Idaho
Kim Just
Paul Drury
Tony Jones (Rocky Mountain Econometrics)
Angela Rossman
Riverland East Neighborhood Association
Southeast Neighborhood Association