Safe Passage

Separating wildlife and vehicles is the best way to protect both the traveling public and wildlife.

Scattered across North America and Europe are examples of how this is being done. Some of the closest to Idaho are along the Trans Canadian Highway in and around Banff National Park.

An overpass allows wildlife to walk over a road;
Overpass 1     Overpass 2

a bridge underpass lets wildlife go under it.
Underpass 1     Underpass 2

Fences are necessary to funnel animals to the structure that will connect them to the other side of the road.
Fence 1     Fence 2

Deer Using UnderpassFrom the beginning, the Boise River Wildlife Linkage Partnership (BRWLP) has imagined long-term fixes for Hwy 21’s vehicle-wildlife conflicts.

Working toward this end, the group identified locations frequently used by deer and elk and hot spots where most accidents occurred. They had professional knowledge of the roadway and what was needed for a permanent structure to provide safe passage for wildlife and motorists. What BRWLP didn’t have was money to pursue this alternative.