Short-Term Solutions

An ad-hoc group of concerned citizens and government agencies, calling themselves the Boise River Wildlife Linkage Partners (BRWLP), are working to reduce the number of vehicle-wildlife collisions by raising awareness.

  • Idaho Fish and Game has partnered with the Idaho State Police to educate motorists video about driving slower, especially from dusk to dawn when animals are on the move.

    Tally Sign

    Photo Credit: Vicky Osborn

  • A tally sign erected in 2010 shows drivers an annual count of deer and elk killed on a deadly 11-mile stretch of Hwy 21.
  • Night-time speed limits have been lowered on dangerous sections of Warm Springs Blvd.
  • The Farm Bureau Insurance Company and Idaho Fish and Game created a TV public service announcement to encourage people to slow down when driving Hwy 21. View these here video.

Long-Term Solutions

The only long-term answer to reduce collisions is to separate vehicles from wildlife.

In 2009 the Idaho Department of Transportation submitted a proposal to use stimulus money from the American Reinvestment and Recovery Act to build a wildlife underpass on Hwy 21. Idaho received $550,000 for the underpass and an additional $200,000 to build half of the project’s wildlife fence. Members of the BRWLP are working to raise an additional $250,000 to finish the fence. View a map of the fence line plan.

Construction begins in July 2010 and the bridge-underpass will be completed by September.